Ice Cream

 Banana Parfait

 Banana and caramelized white chocolate freckles ice cream

  Banoffee Ice cream

  Baked Alaska

Blackberry and Lime Sorbet: Tangy Refreshing

 Blueberry and strawberry yogurt ice cream

Blueberry Cream Yogurt Ice Cream

  Candied Bacon Maple Ice Cream

Caramel Coffee Ice Cream: Better than a glass of frappe!

 Caramel, caramel ice cream

 Chocolate and Meringue Semifreddo


 Chocolate Ice Cream with Drunken Raisins

Cookies and Cream Gelato

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

Coffee Gelato

 Coffee ice, cookie sandwich

  Custard Ice cream

Dark Chocolate Ice Cream with Cacao Nibs

Double Chocolate Ice Cream: Dark Side Lover!

Double honey ice cream: Honey flavor ice cream with home made honey comb

 Entremets Glacé "Cappuccino"

French Vanilla Ice Cream

  Frozen Tiramisu

Green Tea Ice Cream (Using Pâte à bombe)

Green tea ice cream with white chocolate red bean cake and red bean ganache

 Honey toasted with chocolate honey sauce

Lime Sorbet: Tangy sorbet to brighten up your day!

 Malt chocolate ice cream with Oreo cookie crunch

Mascarpone Semifredo: Easy, Icy, Delicious!

Milk chocolate ice cream with bittersweet chocolate chunks

 Mocha Sundaes Ice Cream

 Neapolitan semifreddo 

   No Churn Caramel & salted nut Ice cream

Petits Sorbets aux Fraises: Petite Strawberry Sherbet

Raspberry Ice Cream Bombe: Easy Ice Cream for Everyone

 Raspberry Popsicle

 Rum Ice cream

 Rum Raisin Ice cream

 Strawberry Ice cream

  Strawberry ice cream without ice cream maker

  Strawberry Milk Bars: The Easiest popsicle

Super Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

White and dark chocolate ice cream cake

White Chocolate Ice Cream with White Chocolate and Nougat Chunks

 White chocolate semifreddo with Strawberry Balsamic sauce


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